Intense Pulsed Light – IPL – Treatments

IPL uses safe visible light to treat conditions such as unwanted hair growth, thread veins, pigmentation, cherry angiomas (red spots), rosacea, acne and fine lines & wrinkles.

Initial Consultation & Patch Test for all Intense Pulsed Light Treatments £30

IPL for Permanent Hair Removal

Upper Lip £35
Chin / Between Brow / Nipples / Naval / Pubis Line From £45
Bikini From £65
Bikini Extended (includes area between buttocks) From £95
Underarm £65
Lower Legs From £165
Other Areas £POA

Note –  Prices may vary depending upon the surface area to be treated.

Prices for men are usually higher than those for women due to a greater surface area.

Other areas…. price on application.

IPL for Skin Treatments


Treatment per half hour appointment £80
Treatment per hour appointment £150
1x Lesion £60

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures using Electrolysis

Safe removal of Senile Warts (Seborrhoeic Keratosis), Skin Tags, Milia, Blood spots (Cherry Angiomas
Spider Naevi), Moles and many more skin anomalies.

Treatment per half hour appointment £80
Treatment per hour appointment £150
1x Lesion £60

Plamere Plasma Pen

Upper Eyelids or Lower Eyelids £200 Each
Upper Eyelids and Lower Eyelids £350 For Both
Nasolabial £250
Upper Lip / ‘Lip Flip’ £250
Corner of Mouth £125
Whole Mouth Area £350
Forehead £400
Between Eyebrows £150
Neck Area From £300
Other Areas or Combinations £POA


An effective way of deeply cleansing the skin whilst stimulating cellular activity in the lower layers. Affective in the treatment of superficial scarring, fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation problems, uneven skin tones, a dull, lifeless, sun-damaged complexion, acne & blocked pores.

Face £50
Face and Neck £85
Other Areas £POA

  • Treatments by Appointment only
  • The clinic operates a minimum charge policy of £30 per session
  • All prices are stated for individual treatment sessions

A missed appointment, without a 24hour notice of cancellation, is liable to the clinic minimum charge or 50% of the cost of the missed treatment session, whichever is the greater.

The Operator reserves the right to refuse to administer treatment at any time.